Mar 25, 2022 • 4M

Appetite Maps in March, artist Kidda Kinsey

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Jerome Whittingham
Nature. Culture. Encounters, documented.
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"It turns out with Newcastle-under-Lyme that the market's been one of the main things for the culture of the place," says Kidda.

Kidda Kinsey is one of five artists and illustrators commissioned by Appetite to create 'Maps in March'.

"These maps will build on our original town centre map created by Chloe Breeze and explore the specific themes of nature, independent businesses, markets, food and drink outlets and feeling safe within the town centre," says Appetite.

Kidda was talking to Jerome Whittingham. Jerome has been commissioned by Appetite to report on activities at their Newcastle Common arts space.

Find out more about Appetite's Maps in March project here:

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