The Restoration Shack

The Restoration Shack

restoring furniture. renewing lives. impacting communities.

In this podcast I take up an invitation to visit a small charity in Fegg Hayes, in North Staffordshire.

The Restoration Shack aims to be ‘a creative space where individuals can thrive and feel valued’.

It was set up by Linda Williams.

Linda Williams at The Restoration Shack, Fegg Hayes, North Staffordshire.
Linda Williams, The Restoration Shack. Photo: Jerome Whittingham.

“It’s all about heart for me. The essence of it is this, everything we try to do is about quality. We will give of the very best. We use the very best products we can possibly afford. We’ve renovated this place to be the best it can possibly be. Because, when you offer something of quality to people, you respect them, it gives an element of value, they know they are valued enough to go the extra mile.” Linda Williams.

“We’re up cycling furniture. We’re making furniture. We’re renovating furniture.”
a chair being renovated at The Restoration Shack

“It’s all about people. The vision is about changed lives,” said Linda.

Find out more about The Restoration Shack, including how you can get involved, by visiting the charity’s Facebook page:

Facebook: The Restoration Shack

The Restoration Shack, 115 Fegg Hayes Road, Fegg Hayes, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 6QR.


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